• What to Consider when Adding a Water Feature to your Chatham, IL Landscape

    January 7, 2019
  • The Complete Guide to Water Features for your Chatham, IL Landscaping

    waterfall water feature in Chatham IL

    Creating the outdoor space that you love goes beyond considering visual aesthetics; you also have to consider how your outdoor space sounds. The sight and sound of moving water has been shown to promote feelings of peace and well-being, making it a valuable addition to your outdoor space. Think you need a sprawling yard to incorporate a water feature? Not at all! From expansive koi ponds to tabletop fountains, there is a water feature for every outdoor space. Here’s a quick guide to everything you need to know about choosing the one that’s right for you.

    Consider Your Available Space

    Take a look at your available space before deciding what kind of water feature will look best. You want to have enough space to comfortably walk around the water feature that you choose, and you want to ensure that it’s not placed under a tree where it will collect leaves and debris. Additionally, you’ll want to steer clear of utility lines and make sure that you are familiar with the relevant zoning codes regarding pond size and placement.

    Looking at the Size of Your Garden

    In most cases, a water feature should serve as an accent to your garden, not as the focal point. For example, if your garden is small, a container pond or tabletop fountain may be just right; an in-ground pond may take over the space. A larger garden may accommodate a freestanding fountain or a pond.

    Moving Water vs. Still Water

    A fountain or pond with moving water provides a pleasant murmur that can mask the sound of traffic and other outdoor noises. However, a power source is required to run the pump, making it impractical for every garden. Still water, on the other hand, can create a peaceful reflecting pool.

    Determine What Your Water Feature Will House

    pond water feature in Chatham IL

    If you are putting in a pond, then you’ll need to decide whether your pond will contain fish or plants. A still water pond is more favorable to plants, while a pond with moving water provides more oxygen for fish. Water plants typically require at least five hours of direct sunlight each day, but remember that direct sun will cause the water in the pond to evaporate more quickly, especially if the pond is shallow.

    Water features provide beautiful accents for any garden. At Monarch Landscaping and Garden Center, we specialize in helping Chatham, IL homeowners choose the water feature that is right for their outdoor living space. Contact Monarch Landscaping today at (217) 965-3819 or use our online booking tool to schedule your free estimate.