• Top garden trends for Spring 2020 in Carlinville, IL

    May 6, 2019
  • Here are top ideas you can use in your garden this year

    People in Carlinville, IL should have already started planting their Gardens for 2020, but there’s still time to make some last-minute changes that could benefit your garden, year-round. Below, you’ll find some of the year’s most popular ideas about how you can improve your growing skills. From better irrigation to plants for all seasons, take a look at these ideas and utilize them in your own garden to see a range of benefits!

    Year-Round Growing

    year-round growing garden trends in Carlinville IL

    In the State of Illinois, we experience all four seasons, which means if we wanted to, we could actually grow things at all times of the year. While you may not be able to grow beautiful flowers in January, there are things you can plant that will add some green to your yard when all you see is dead brown. Think about adding shrubs and topiaries for winter, plant bulbs and flowers for Spring and Summer and choose trees that will change beautiful reds, yellows and oranges in the fall.

    Draw Attention

    In design, fashion and other arts, you always want to highlight your best assets. This isn’t a new trend, however, it’s one that’s not usually employed when it comes to our gardens. By creating focal points in your garden, you’ll draw people attention to the best parts of it, which automatically improves your curb appeal. Find creative or unique items for certain flower beds and landscaping areas around the pool, patio, fire pit and other desirable landscaping features.


    This is a term that’s growing in popularity in all facets of our lives. We want to figure out ways that we can conserve, reduce, reuse and recycle to avoid wastefulness. Luckily, opportunities to do this are all over your garden. Research water conservation techniques for irrigation and use compost from your kitchen to fertilize plants. The opportunities are almost endless when you put your mind to thinking about sustainable gardening.


    simple garden trends in Carlinville IL

    This is a great tip for beginning gardeners, but it rings true for everyone. It may be tempting to try to plant all the most beautiful flowers in the world, but things usually don’t work out when you overload the space with things you’re trying to grow. Keep it simple a few variations that really add something could look much better than a crowded flower bed that’s busy and unorganized.

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