• Hardscaping: Why Add Landscape Structures to Your Springfield Illinois Backyard

    September 15, 2020
  • Whether you love throwing large barbecues and parties or simply enjoying the fresh air with a good book, a well-landscaped space can be a joy to spend time in. No matter how you plan to use your yard, hardscaping is key to making it a comfortable space.

    brick wall surrounding landscape Springfield IllinoisWhat Is Hardscaping?

    Hardscaping is a term used by landscape designers to describe most non-plant elements of the landscape. This includes walkways, walls, patios and other common fixtures. More elaborate items, such as gazebos, fountains and fire pits also count as hardscaping.

    Why Add Hardscaping?

    Comfort and Accessibility

    One of the biggest reasons to add hardscaping to your backyard is to make it more comfortable for people to use it. Patios and decks provide space for your outdoor furniture so you can sit and dine outdoors without tearing up the grass or getting your feet muddy. Gazebos provide shade and protection from rain, and curtained ones even can keep annoying insects at bay. An outdoor fire pit can help you enjoy your outdoor space for more of the year by keeping the area warm.

    Accessibility is another key feature. Paved or graveled pathways make it easy to reach every corner of the backyard, even on muddy days when you might otherwise stay inside.

    Protecting the Landscape

    Some landscape structures also play a protective role. If you have dogs that like to dig up your plants or steal vegetables from your garden, a low wall or fence can keep them confined to one portion of the yard without sacrificing aesthetics. Raised garden beds can also help keep mischievous pets at bay. Pathways also help ensure that your guests stay off of areas where delicate seedlings or easily crushed flowers are growing.

    Colorful backyard with hardscapes Springfield IllinoisStyle and Charm

    One of the major reasons to add hardscaping to your backyard landscape is simply to create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind space. Features such as steps and low walls can help separate different areas of your yard, such as a vegetable garden from a flower garden, while still allowing an open, airy look. Raised flower beds, statues and birdbaths add a three-dimensional pop to your yard. Fountains have the dual benefit of adding soothing background noise and a charming touch.

    Hardscaping is one of the easiest ways to create a comfortable and attractive outdoor space, but the permanent nature makes it difficult to experiment with. If you are thinking of adding hardscaping to your yard in Springfield, Illinois, the design professionals at Monarch Landscaping and Garden Center can help.