• Springfield Illinois: Landscape Edging Materials

    October 15, 2020
  • Are you looking for a Springfield, Illinois company that provides landscape services? If you are, you don’t need to go far because we’re both a landscaper and garden center! You can buy your landscape edging materials directly from us and have them placed in your yard beautifully and memorably. As landscaping professionals, we possess the knowledge, skills, and capability to transform your yard into a fully functional space that you enjoy spending time in regularly.

    Lush green grass accompanied by a garden on each side in Springfield IllinoisTypes of Landscape Edging Materials to Choose From

    After visiting our garden center, you may still not know which types of landscape edging materials there are available. If you weren’t able to ask, you could be in the dark on how to select the right options for your yard. Consider this a short guide that explains the advantage of each choice you have awaiting you. You’ll learn about the different types of materials that exist for edging purposes.

    They are:

    • Attractive and durable, metal has its benefits. It looks good with every type of home and withstands harsh weather conditions well. Coating it helps protect it from the elements, too.
    • A heavier material that needs someone to break it up to get rid of it tends to be relatively affordable. It does require a lot of work to pour, set, and remove.
    • Very inexpensive but not long-lasting, plastic comes in a variety of colors. It’s easy to remove and place in different spots in the yard with great ease.
    • Inexpensive and lightweight, brick is easy to move around. If you need to rearrange a portion of your yard to make it more usable, you won’t have a lot of trouble doing so with this material.

    Still not sure what to select for edging? Ask us for recommendations because we’re very familiar with the different options that await you. After we’ve taken a look at your yard, we’ll be able to make suggestions that fit your style and size of the property.

    A Landscaper and Garden Center in OneColorful flowers divided by a walkway in Springfield Illinois

    Monarch Landscaping & Garden Center has all your landscaping edging materials in one convenient location. We can transform your lawn into the outdoor oasis you always dreamed of having access to on your property. Let us know what we can do to landscape your lawn. Our design services are in high demand because of the high level of quality they bring to our customers.