• Springfield Illinois: Landscaping Problems that are Completely Avoidable

    November 15, 2020
  • Having your yard landscaped is a wise idea for many reasons. It helps improve the curb appeal of your property, gives you a safe, comfortable place to gather with family and friends, provides you with a garden to tend, and can be a source of comfort when you want to retreat somewhere peaceful and quiet.

    A landscaper who has been designing yard layouts for years is a valuable asset as they’re able to help you decide what should go where. They prevent potential problems from occurring by planting trees away from the roof and power lines as well as creating retaining walls that avert rain runoff from destroying the foundation of your home.

    If you want to prevent completely avoidable landscaping problems, you must first know what they are. Below, you’ll find some of the more common issues landscapers discover when they visit a home and its yard.

    An overgrown, weedy lawn in front of a small, older home in Springfield IllinoisThe Overgrowth of Weeds

    Some varieties of weeds take over a home if not taken care of immediately. Imagine dealing with a lawn full of overgrown weeds by yourself and not knowing how to get rid of them? Hiring a lawn care specialist to address the problem is highly advisable.

     The Presence of Pests

    Certain insects and animals uproot plants and destroy leaves and flowers. If you notice disturbances in your yard, call a professional to assist you with the removal of the pests.

    Diseased leaves of a tree in Springfield IllinoisDiseases That Kill Greenery

    A disease can destroy your entire population of plants, trees, and shrubs. Make sure the landscaper that tends your yard knows there is an issue if you’ve seen physical signs of disease outdoors.

    Although you may think you possess a lot of knowledge about landscaping, you most likely don’t. That’s why it’s important to call an expert to assist you. Think about the amount of time and effort you’ll waste by not seeking help from a skilled professional. If you can think of other things you’d rather be doing than setting up landscaping that fails, it’s time to hire a landscaper whose knowledge base and training help them make the right decisions about your yard.

    Who Should You Call to Avoid Landscaping Problems?

    You can avoid landscaping problems by having a landscape company come out and assist you with landscape design. It’s a service that Monarch Landscaping & Garden Center of Springfield, Illinois, knows well. Call (217) 679-4501 with any questions you have about the landscaping process. We can also set up regular lawn care service for you, so your grass never gets too long for you to deal with for more than a day or two.