• Springfield Illinois: Future Patio Ideas to Consider

    February 15, 2021
  • Imagine yourself spending a warm afternoon on your future patio. It gives you a dedicated place to spend time outside, reading, gardening, and soaking up the sun. You easily make it the focal point of your landscape by placing the patio in a location where it can be admired from afar. The idea is very appealing. Now the next step is to choose a design that fits your style aesthetics.  Monarch Landscaping & Garden Center can help you fall in love with a new patio for your backyard. For questions, call (217) 679-4501 today.

    A beautiful patio garden outside a Springfield, Illinois home.What Type of Patio Do You Want for Your Yard?

    There are many different types of patios to choose from today. They consist of brick, stone, or concrete. The patios can be enclosed or completely open, too, depending on what you prefer. Thinking about how you will use the space to your advantage helps you determine which set-up is the most beneficial for you.

    Some patio ideas for you to think about including in your outdoor set-up are below. Think of what you will be doing most outside and make your plans around the activities you engage in the most.

    The Year-Round Container Garden

    Planting annuals in window boxes, pots, and containers ensures that you are never without a pop of color or sweet-smelling fragrances throughout the year. You can even grow some vegetables such as tomatoes and potatoes on a patio.

    A massive patio suited for a Grillmaster.The Grillmaster’s Station

    A patio is a great place to grill. If you have a cooking enthusiast in your family, a patio is a space they will stake claim to right away.

    You can have a fully enclosed, partially enclosed, or exposed patio. The choice is up to you. If you still want to spend time outdoors while it rains or during the hottest hours of the day in the summer, you will appreciate the added protection a roof provides. Thinking about which style of patio best meets your needs allows you to build what you want immediately as opposed to adding onto it at a later date.

    Gorgeous Plants and Flowers Await You at Monarch Landscaping & Garden Center

    Creating a space outside that looks and feels as good as it does inside is essential. That way, you want to spend time outdoors as much as possible. Monarch Landscaping & Garden Center can assist you with your patio needs by providing you with a wide selection of plants, flowers, and gardening tools. Contact us today if you’re ready to make your outdoor space radiant and beautiful.