• The Top 4 Flowers that Look Great All Year Round

    December 15, 2021
  • If you’re looking for ways to improve your Springfield, IL home or business’s landscaping, you’ve come to the right place. Learning more about the different varieties of flora and fauna that thrive in the region allows you to create a beautiful yard that lasts season to season. It requires some tree maintenance, but for the most part, it involves routine lawn care such as mowing the grass and trimming bushes and hedges to keep it looking outstanding all year long. There are many ways to improve your yard affordably. Planting the right flowers makes all the difference. Even when it’s gloomy outdoors, you’ll still benefit from the beautiful blooms popping up all over your property. They’ll be a fond reminder that spring is on its way.

    Some of the Best Annuals to Consider for Your Yard Today

    Each region of the United States has its list of flowers that thrive throughout the seasons. Illinois isn’t any different. Some flowers do better than others considering the changing seasons and climate.

    The top four flowers that look great all year round in Springfield, IL include:


    Get rid of pests and add a pollinator to your yard with this beautiful orange and yellow flower. It thrives during summer and lasts long into late fall. You can plant it in the spring and enjoy it for most of the year, given that the frost doesn’t kill it.

    A light and dark purple sweet pea flower planted on a residential property that has just been landscaped in Springfield, IL.Sweet Pea

    An annual that grows up to ten feet tall, it’s an excellent variety of flowers that smells incredible. It’s great for growing on trellises and gates. It also has a beautiful purple flower that draws people’s attention to it quickly.


    Frost-resistant, this flower looks great all year long. It comes in a variety of colors and is edible, too. You can add it to salads and smoothie bowls for a pop of color and floral taste, and aroma.

    Beautiful and healthy growing sunflowers on a landscaped residential property in Springfield, IL.Sunflowers

    A hearty flower with a giant size, it can grow to be several feet tall. Although yellow tends to be the most common color you’ll see, there are also red, orange, white, and pink varieties. Sunflower seeds are easy to harvest, too, because they grow outside the flower.

    Spring planting is made easier with the right flowers. Lawn care professionals planting annuals ensure that the bulbs continue to come up year after year. The service, when paired with tree installation, creates a beautiful lawn that everyone admires. From there on, it needs routine maintenance such as lawn care and tree care.

    Maintain a Beautiful Yard Season-to-Season with the Right Lawncare Company

    Monarch Landscaping & Garden Center has what you need for landscaping your home or business. We also provide residential lawn care and commercial lawn care services to meet your needs. If you’re ready to create a yard that stands out for all the right reasons, give us a call at 217-679-4501.

    Flower planting is one of our many specialties. Take advantage of the different varieties that look their best year-round. You’ll have beautiful blooms of color present even during the coldest months of the year. Increase the curb appeal of your Springfield, IL home or business instantly with the right flowers today.