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Springfield, IL Lawn Maintenance: Don’t Let a Hot Summer Affect Your Landscaping

Lawn maintenance for strong plants during a Springfield, IL summer

lawn maintenance tools in Springfield IL

Everybody loves the look of plants around their yard, but they can be hard to maintain. If you don’t care for your plants properly, you can end up with dead or damaged plants that take away from the aesthetic value of your yard. Here are some of our lawn maintenance tips for keeping your plants strong during the hot summers in Springfield, IL.


Watering your garden with a hose may be fine and dandy when the weather isn’t too bad, but irrigation is the best way to go when the heat gets out of hand. Irrigation will slowly water your plants to keep all the water from evaporating and save water. This keeps your plants healthy and saves you on your water bill.


When scorching hot weather sets in, mulch is your garden’s best friend. Add a bit of mulch with a light color to your garden during hot summers to keep some of the sun away from the soil and allow moisture to remain for longer. The reason for the light color is because the lighter the color of your mulch, the better it will reflect sunlight.


If you can, water your plants with rainwater. The water you spray out of your hose or use in your irrigation system is treated because it’s the same water you drink. Because of this, it’s missing a lot of the minerals that your plants need.

Rainwater, on the other hand, is filled with minerals. This allows it to feed your plants with both nutrients and water, keeping them stronger and healthier during rough summer months.

Water in the Morning

As the hot sun shines down on water, it quickly evaporates it. Because of this, you’ll want to water your plants early in the morning for best results. The hot sun will quickly evaporate the water if you water them in the afternoon, which will prevent your plants from getting as much water as they need.

Lawn Length

lawn maintenance grass length in Springfield IL

By keeping your grass a bit longer, you can keep more moisture in the soil in your yard. You should keep your lawn at a length of between 3-6 inches for this effect. If it’s an extra dry summer, go closer to 6 inches.

For more lawn maintenance tips to keep your plants strong and ensure they stay that way, contact the landscaping professionals at Monarch Landscaping and Garden Center.

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