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A small child holding a pink watering can and watering newly bought flowers to be planted in a garden in Springfield, IL.

The Top 4 Flowers that Look Great All Year Round

If you’re looking for ways to improve your residential or commercial landscape, you’ve come to the right place. Learning more about the different types of flowers and wildlife that thrive in the region allows you to create a beautiful yard that lasts season to season. Monarch Landscaping & Garden Center offers hundreds of flower species for you to choose from to customize your landscape while bringing massive curb appeal to your property. Planting annual or perennial flowers on your property is one of the most affordable ways to keep your lawn looking its best all year round. Keep reading our blog to discover the top 4 flowers that are perfect for creating a stunning landscape for your Springfield, IL property.

Some of the Best Annuals to Consider for Your Yard Today

Each region of the United States has its list of flowers that thrive throughout the seasons. Illinois isn’t any different. Some flowers do better than others considering the changing seasons and climate. The top four flowers that look great all year round in Springfield, IL include:


Get rid of pests and add a pollinator to your yard with this beautiful orange and yellow flower. Marigolds thrive during summer and last long into late fall. You can plant it in the spring and enjoy it for most of the year, given that the frost doesn’t kill it. If you have a vegetable garden, Marigolds are one of the best flowers to add alongside your growing foods, and guess what? They’re edible too! Monarch Landscaping & Garden Center has dozens of marigold options for you to choose from to brighten up your landscape. Stop by today and we’ll help you find the perfect marigold crop for your home or business!

A light and dark purple sweet pea flower planted on a residential property that has just been landscaped in Springfield, IL.Sweet Pea

An annual that grows up to ten feet tall, sweet peas are an excellent variety of flowers that smells incredible and provides many benefits to the environment. These beautiful flowers are great for growing on trellises and gates and are easily one of the most colorful additions you can add to your landscape. Monarch Landscaping & Garden Center offers several sweet pea options that are easy to grow on all types of soils in Springfield, IL. If you’re looking to add a new flower to your garden, sweet peas are an affordable and stunning option for any property.


Frost-resistant and with several color options to choose from, this flower looks great throughout the fall, winter, and early spring seasons. Pansies are an edible flower that has eye-catching, two-tone designs that are perfect for first-time growers and garden enthusiasts. Although these are the smallest flowers on our list, only growing anywhere from 6-9 inches, they are by far the most stunning addition you could add to your residential or commercial property in Springfield, IL.  At Monarch Landscaping & Garden Center, come and browse through our wide selection of pansies to add to your landscaping project.

Beautiful and healthy growing sunflowers on a landscaped residential property in Springfield, IL.Sunflowers

A hearty flower with a giant size, it can grow to be several feet tall. Although yellow tends to be the most common color you’ll see, there are also red, orange, white, and pink varieties. Sunflower seeds are easy to harvest, too, because they grow outside the flower. Spring planting is made easier with the right flowers. Our landscaping professionals ensure that your sunflower bulbs will continue to come up year after year to create an eye-catching design for your property.

Maintain a Beautiful Yard Season-to-Season with the Right Landscaping Company

Monarch Landscaping & Garden Center has what you need for landscaping your home or business. If you’re ready to create a yard that stands out for all the right reasons, give us a call at 217-679-4501. Flower planting and landscape design are two of our many specialties. Take advantage of the different varieties that look their best year-round. You’ll have beautiful blooms of color present even during the coldest months of the year. Increase the curb appeal of your Springfield, IL home or business instantly with the right flowers today.

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