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Beautiful flowers and plants on a residential property in Springfield, IL thanks to a team of professional landscape experts.

Get Ready for Spring by Planting These Flowers

It’s not too early to be thinking about spring flowers. While Springfield, IL gets cold and snowy in the winter, what you do in late summer and fall can transform your garden when the snow first begins to melt and the temperatures start to rise. You might even see blossoms peeking out through the snow.

What to Plant in Your Spring Garden in Springfield, IL

There are few things more exciting than seeing those first flower blossoms in the spring. With purple, yellow, and white blossoms, early-blooming crocuses are ideal for planting in borders and around trees and bushes. They naturalize well, so a few bulbs will leave a lot of spring color in just a few years. Another good choice is the daffodil. At Monarch Landscaping and Garden Center, we think these spring favorites belong in every garden. They come in yellow, white, and pink and clumps of bulbs grow larger each season.

A closeup shot of yellow daffodil flowers in front of a residential home in Springfield, IL that was planted by lawn care experts.Snowdrops & Glory-of-the-Snow

Less well-known, but no less lovely are snowdrops. One of the first flowers to appear in our area, snowdrops have a delicate white, tear-drop-shaped blossom on a short, green stem. These plants grow larger and fuller each season. We also like glory-of-the-snow. This is another early bloomer that naturalizes well and will make a colorful spring carpet across your landscape in just a few years. These blossoms are a purple-ish blue and are all gone by the time you’re ready to mow your lawn the first time.

Flowering Trees & Shrub for Spring Gardens

Flowering trees and bushes can also be planted once the extreme heat of the summer has passed. Good choices for our region include hydrangea, which is great for areas with limited sun; butterfly bush, which attracts birds and butterflies; and the dogwood tree, which is best used as an under-story tree (planted under the canopy of another tree).

Of course, good tree care is important to give your new trees and bushes a good start. At Monarch Landscaping and Garden Center, we recommend watering them regularly for the first few months, stacking new trees in open areas, and mulching around them to prevent weed growth and to help the area around your new tree retain moisture.

About Monarch Landscaping & Garden Center

A reliable landscaping and garden expert planting spring flowers and plants on a residential property in Springfield, IL.Monarch Landscaping and Garden Center offers a full range of landscaping services for residents and businesses in Springfield, IL, Auburn, IL, and the surrounding area. We are specialists in local plants, trees, and flowers, so we can help you choose the plants that will thrive on your property. Our friendly, well-trained staff can pick out the plants you need. For larger projects, our landscaping specialists will create beautiful hardscapes to set off your flower planting.

To learn more about floral plants, tree maintenance, and landscaping, call Monarch Landscaping & Garden Center at (217) 679-4501. We’ve been helping Springfield IL home and business owners with their landscape design, tree, and flower beds since 2015.

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