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A person using an electronic hedge trimming device to keep their hedges at the perfect height in Central IL.

Simple Tips to Trimming Your Hedges

Don’t let the hedges bordering your property get unsightly and overgrown, grab some hedge trimmers, and get to work! Not sure exactly how to trim your hedges? Our team at Monarch Landscaping & Garden Center in Central IL is here to offer reliable and easy-to-learn tips on trimming your hedges without having to invest in expensive lawn care services. Keep reading below for expert advice on how to restore the look and health of your hedges.

Prune in the Winter for the Best Results

For the best results, we recommend pruning your hedges in the winter when plants are dormant. Since hedges are mainly slowly growing plants, pruning in the winter creates room for new buds to grow in the spring and have a faster growth rate. Pruning your hedges in the warmer months is not necessarily harmful, it just generates slow growth and may take longer for a barren hedge to fill out. At Monarch Landscaping & Garden Center, we offer well-maintained and healthy hedges for homeowners looking to increase the curb appeal and privacy of their homes, stop by today to see the hedges we have in stock!

A residential homeowner using orange and black hedge trimmers to keep their property looking clean and landscaped in Central IL.Hand Pruning is a Must

Routine maintenance is one of the most important steps in ensuring the health and longevity of your hedges. Whether you use standard hand-held pruners or a power trimmer, hand pruning your overgrown hedges is a must! Not only does pruning enhance the look of your property, but it stimulates bud production in your hedges that keep them healthy even in the harshest of environments. Using your pruning tools, make sure to evenly cut the overgrown buds every few feet between your hedgerows, look inside at the branches and clip a handful off at a 45-degree angle to make sure they never become overgrown. At Monarch Landscaping & Garden Center in Central IL, we supply homeowners with quality hedges to add privacy and curb appeal to their property.

Narrow at the Top, Wide at the Bottom

If you’ve ever wondered if there’s a proper way to trim your hedges, our team at Monarch Landscaping & Garden Center in Central IL is here to show you the ropes! One of the easiest ways to tell if your hedge is needing a trim is when you start to notice it widening at the top, creating a “V”-like shape that is right-side up versus the standard upside down. To restore the health and shape of your hedgerows, start by using hand-held or powered sheers to evenly cut every inch of your hedge until the shape is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. This keeps your hedge protected near the roots and creates an eye-appealing shape that gives your home curb appeal.

A residential property with freshly trimmed hedges, mowed grass, trees, and landscaping in Central IL.Decide on How High You Want Your Hedge Before Planting

It’s easy to underestimate the size of hedges before planting them on your property, however, homeowners need to get a good idea of just how much height they’re wanting to create beforehand. At Monarch Landscaping & Garden Center, we offer a variety of hedge sizes for homeowners to choose from. If you are looking for maximum privacy, we offer hedges that range from 6-8 feet high and shorter hedgerows 3 feet wide to add character to your home. Regardless of the size of your lot, make sure to decide how high you want your hedge before planting with proper measurements and placement ideas. Give our staff a call today at (217) 679-4501, and we will help you choose the perfect hedges for your Central IL property.

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