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Residential home in the middle of trees and tree branches covered in thick layers of snow and needing winter tree care services in Springfield, IL.

Easy Ways to Maintain Your Trees in the Winter

It may not seem like winter is a great time to take care of the trees on your residential or commercial property in Springfield, IL, however, there are a handful of maintenance tips recommended to keep your trees healthy all winter long. While many trees are dormant in the winter, their bark, branches, and roots are heavily unprotected from the natural elements and pests that threaten their condition. Whether your property is full of young or old trees, helping them stay protected against the winter elements is essential to their future health. To learn more about easy ways that you can maintain your trees in the winter, keep reading below!


Fertilizer is a great way to give your tree the nutrients it needs to survive winter weather, that’s why our experts at Monarch Landscaping & Garden Center in Springfield, IL recommend spreading fertilizer around the base of your tree, preferably before the first snowfall. Fertilizing your trees in the winter allows a slow release of nutrients as it mixes with the snow and melts into the earth. By doing this, your trees will be sustained all winter long as well as help to avoid damage, disease, and harmful insects.

White birch tree with a new layer of fertilizer placed by a professional landscaping expert in the winter in Springfield, IL.Mulch

Placing mulch around the base of your trees in the early winter is a great way to keep your trees healthy and protected all season long. Our experts at Monarch Landscaping & Garden Center recommend adding a thin later, no more than a few inches thick, of organic mulch around the base of your trees. Not only will it help protect your trees against extreme temperatures that threaten the Springfield, IL area, but it also helps to slow water loss from the soil that dehydrates your trees. Wait until the ground freezes before laying your mulch and we guarantee that your trees will stay healthy all year round.


If you are new to maintaining your tree’s health, wrapping may not be a technique that you are familiar with. Luckily, our experts at Monarch Landscaping & Garden Center in Springfield, IL are here to give you tips on wrapping your trees in the winter. Once a tree begins thawing in the sunlight after a brutal winter, it can go through a process of rupturing where the trunk of the tree begins to crack. To protect your trees from rupturing at the end of the winter season, wrap the trunk from the bottom to just above the lowest branch with a white plastic rabbit guard. This plastic wrap will help prevent your trees from becoming fragile and potentially damaged at the beginning of spring.

Person with a green coat and red tree pruning device pruning dead tree branches in the winter in Springfield, IL to keep the tree healthy.Prune

Pruning is not just for summer tree maintenance, it’s highly recommended to prune your tree’s branches in the winter as well! Pruning in the winter is much easier for arborists, as the lack of leaves helps them to identify the health of the branches and any potential issues with the tree’s structure that may have been hidden in the summer. If your trees’ branches are low-hanging or are too close to your home or a power line, our experts in Springfield, IL recommend scheduling an appointment to have your trees professionally pruned at any time during the winter.

At Monarch Landscaping & Garden Center, we can help with all your landscaping and design needs, call us today at (217) 679-4501 for advice on keeping your trees healthy this winter season.

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