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Gearing Up for 2020: Landscaping Tips to Think About Before Spring Starts in Springfield Illinois

Landscaping Tips for the New Year in Springfield Illinois

landscaping tips springfield illinoisBefore spring arrives in Springfield, Illinois, you’ll want to have a few ideas of what you want to do to get your yard ready for the season. Landscaping trends are an excellent place to start because they allow you to see which supplies are available at the moment and take advantage of ideas that quickly help you beautify your yard. When it comes to curb appeal, landscaping is one thing that you can do to give your property an instant facelift.

The following landscaping tips help you start planning for spring 2020 before it arrives:

  • Remove all winter debris from the yard. Bag it up and place it on the curb to be hauled away. You’ll have a clean slate to work with, so you can cover every square inch of the yard by giving it the time and attention it deserves. There won’t be clumps of misplaced dirt, fallen leaves, or branches to contend with.
  • Decide where you will plant flowers and vegetables. If you didn’t have a flower bed or vegetable garden last year but want to have one this year, consider the placement of these items. You want them to be in a location where they won’t get trampled on but also where the flowers and plants receive the most amount of sun.
  • landscaping tips mulch springfield illinoisTill the soil, put down mulch, and apply fertilizer per manufacturer’s instructions. You want the plants to thrive, so the condition of the soil must be good. The more nutrients you provide to the dirt, the better the chances your flowers and vegetables have of growing. If you’re unaware of how to till, mulch, and fertilize your yard, hire a professional to do the work for you. You’ll be better off weeding and watering plants than attempting to do something you know nothing about.
  • Keep pests out by using deterrents and fencing in the area. If you’ve ever watched your hard work get eaten by rabbits or bugs, you know how important it is to do this step. Read up online about natural deterrents and install a fence that allows you to access the flower bed or garden easily but keeps unwanted visitors out.

Use the landscaping tips listed above to make lawn care fast and easy for yourself. You can enjoy a lush, green yard, and abundant garden in Springfield, Illinois, with a little preparation. By tilling the soil, putting down mulch, fertilizing the grass, and being mindful of your region’s planting season, you’ll be more than ready to enjoy a gorgeous outdoor space by the time spring finally arrives again.

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