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How Can Retaining Walls Benefit My Litchfield, IL Landscape Design?

 The complete guide to retaining walls for your Litchfield, IL landscaping

If you live in the Litchfield, IL, area, and you want to build a retaining wall in your yard, you have a lot of things to consider. Before contacting local landscaping contractors, learn more about retaining walls and to incorporate them into your landscaping design.

What are Retaining Walls?

retaining wall yard in Litchfield IL

Retaining walls are short walls built into the side of sloped lawns to create flat surfaces that are typically used for patios and decks. They help prevent soil erosion and landslides. In addition to building a retaining wall around your patio or deck, you can build retaining walls in your yard if you prefer a hardscape design or you want to include elements such as fountains and ponds in your landscaping designs.

Types of Retaining Walls

Landscaping contractors in Litchfield, IL, use a variety of materials to build retaining walls. If you’re looking for something extremely durable, concrete blocks, poured concrete and brick are your best bet. Both materials last a long time. However, poured concrete can crack if hot and cold temperatures fluctuate too frequently. So if you choose to use poured concrete, make sure the landscapers use steel support rods through the wall to make it more secure.

Stone veneer is also a great option. The veneer is a lightweight material that’s used to create an aesthetically pleasing look that covers the solid core of your retaining wall. The great thing about stone veneer is that it’s made to resemble a variety of different natural stone materials, so you can use it create pretty much any design you want.

Hardscape Landscaping Designs

Hardscape landscaping designs refer to yards that have little to no grass areas. These modern designs are ideal for anyone who doesn’t enjoy caring for their yard or anyone who wants to incorporate a built-in barbeque, water fountain, or outside fireplace into the design.

Using Retaining Walls with Elevated Decks

retaining wall patio in Litchfield IL

If you have an elevated deck, a retaining wall can be used to help you create walkways or paths leading from the stairs of the deck into your backyard area. This gives you a level walking surface, which makes your yard safer for your family and guests. Retaining walls can be placed on either side of the path, which can be created using small steps or to create a slightly sloped path up or down your yard.

Ultimately, the retaining wall type and design you choose depends on your household needs. If you’re unsure what type of retaining wall is best for your home, contact Monarch Landscaping in the Litchfield, IL area as soon as possible.

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