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Springfield, Illinois: Pool Landscaping at Your Home

Tips for Pool Landscaping at Your Home

pool landscaping springfields illinois

Having a swimming pool in your Springfield, IL home is a great source of pleasure. But to sustain that pleasure, you have to ensure that the pool is the best condition all the time. That is why you should take time to consider the useful pool landscaping ideas to make your ordinary-looking swimming pool a cool, relaxing spot.

Pool Landscaping Ideas


The first landscape item you’ll need to add to a pool is a safety fence, especially if you have small kids or curious pets around. Being able to lock up the entire pool area gives you peace of mind and could save lives. The right fence design should provide aesthetic satisfaction as well as privacy. For total privacy, the fence should be more than six feet high. However, a semi-privacy fence is also preferred to allow more air and light.


Plants help the pool area blend in with the rest of your home’s landscape. You can have a few trees to provide shade on hot days without blocking the sun. Broad-leafed evergreens and ornamental grasses are ideal poolside plants. These plants only require simple weeding and pruning once a year to maintain their beautiful natural appearance. Avoid plants that shed leaves and petals, creating a mess throughout the pool area. Also, leave out insect-attracting and thorny plants that can prick pool users. Plants that develop invasive root systems should also be avoided as they can damage the pool.

pool landscaping tips springfield illinoisInstall Lights

Lighting can enhance any pool landscaping and showcase your unique features. Consider both in-pool and surrounding accent lighting to give your pool a magical feeling at night. Lights should be added to the pool’s deep end, on the steps, and around the perimeter. This also increases safety in the pool.


Light breezes can blow away the warmth from your pool area. Luckily, you can redirect cold air currents by constructing a windbreak. First, start by identifying the wind currents in your pool area and then use this information to decide where you will put up a windbreak to keep your pool area warm. You don’t have to use a solid wall or fence for this; dense hedging can also provide good protection.

If you want to enjoy your pool at your Springfield home for a long time to come, contact Monarch Landscaping & Garden Center. We provide quality pool landscaping services that add beauty and functionality.

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