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The biggest mistakes you make with your herb garden in Springfield, IL

Avoid these herb gardening faux pas this Spring

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An herb garden is a great way to get started for beginning gardeners that yields almost immediate results. Herbs are easy to grow inside, fast-growing and they provide instant flavor for you to utilize in the kitchen, allowing you to immediately see the fruits of your labor. However, like with all things, there are things to beware of, mistakes that you should watch out for that could stifle the growth of your herb garden before you’re able to enjoy its benefits. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the most egregious herb-gardening faux pas that you should watch out for when starting your own garden this Spring. Read on for more details!

Starting with Seeds

The first mistake that many new herb gardeners make is to try and grow their first herbs from the seed. While they may be successful, it’s more difficult to get the seed to grow than it is a mature plant, and it takes longer. While it’s rewarding to see your plant grow from the seed, it’s easier to use a mature plant, especially if you’re a first-timer!

Too Much Selection

Herb gardening seems like an easy process that’ not too time-consuming, and it is. However, having too much selection in your herbs can get confusing, and it can inhibit the growth of the herbs you really want. Our advice? Start with only herbs that you use on a regular basis and add as you go.

Wrong Variations

While herbs are grown literally all over the globe, the conditions that they’re grown in can vary widely. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to which variations will thrive in your climate and what you must do to keep them healthy. Choosing the wrong variation can mean that the plant won’t grow at all!

Out-of-Control Growth

So you’ve got your herbs growing, and they’re enjoying their environment, meaning they’re probably growing out of control. It’s nice that they’re thriving, but you don’t want them getting too big for their own good. Make sure you trim and pick herbs frequently to keep them healthy and from overgrowing your other herbs!

Water and Soil Issues

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While we would recommend starting to grow herbs indoors, it’s perfectly fine to try growing them outside in your garden, too. However, be mindful of the soil. Poor or overused soil may inhibit the growth of your herbs. Use fresh soil or fertilizers to ensure the growth of your plants!

Additionally, pay attention to how much water each type of herb needs. Also, pay attention to the way that they look. If they’re drooping and haven’t been watered ( or it hasn’t rained), that’s a good time to water them. However, if they’re vibrant, happy and have received plenty of water, it’s fine to let them go.

Limited Light

Many people try to grow herbs indoors in limited sunlight. However, if you’re growing indoors, you must put your herbs by a window where they will receive plenty of sunlight. Without the sunlight, they will not grow!

Improper Picking

When picking herbs, many find it best to pick the largest leaves and let the new ones grow. However, by picking some of the largest leaves, you’re taking away the ability of the plant to absorb sunlight, water and create food for itself.

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