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Tips for Winter Landscaping Maintenance in Forsyth, IL

What Landscaping Maintenance Can You Perform While It’s Still Cold Outside?

Caring for your lawn and landscaping during the frigid winter months in Forsyth, IL is very important. If you neglect your landscaping during the winter, your yard may not look as healthy and beautiful when warm weather returns. Below are tips for winter landscaping maintenance from our Forsyth, IL landscaping contractors.

Preparation is a Key Step in Winter Landscaping Maintenance

landscaping maintenance grass in Forsyth IL

Even before the weather turns cold, you need to prepare your lawn for winter. Our local landscaping contractors advise customers to begin cutting their lawns shorter later in the season. Cutting your grass short for winter has several advantages. First, short grass discourages burrowing animals and pests that are drawn to longer grass during colder weather. Shorter grass also protects new growth. However, do not cut your grass short all at once because it can shock the grass. Gradually lower the blades on your mower to trim grass shorter and shorter as winter approaches.

Also, you must replace essential nutrients in the soil that are lost throughout the summer. Applying fertilizer in late fall before the first freeze allows the nutrients to remain in the soil throughout the winter so that your lawn emerges healthy and thicker when spring arrives. Our local landscapers can help you choose the best fertilizer based on your landscaping.

Maintaining Your Landscaping and Lawn throughout the Winter in Forsyth, IL

winter landscaping maintenance in Forsyth IL

One of the best ways to protect your landscaping is to clear debris from your yard and keep debris from accumulating during the winter. When debris or objects lay on the grass for prolonged periods, it can stunt the growth of the grass. In addition, limiting foot traffic during the winter can help protect grass so that the grass recovers better in the spring. Walking on frozen grass can cause considerable damage. Landscaping companies can help you clear debris in late fall so that you are ready for winter lawn maintenance.

Depending on the types of shrubs, trees, and flowering plants you included in your landscaping, you need to prune, shape, mulch, and fertilize at various times in the late fall, late winter, and early spring. Landscaping companies provide winter landscaping maintenance to protect your lawns and yards throughout the entire winter season.


Contact a Local Landscaping Company for More Information

Using local landscaping contractors to care for your lawn in Forsyth, IL during the winter can keep your lawn and yard beautiful throughout the entire year. The landscaping professionals at Monarch Landscaping & Garden Center provide a variety of winter landscaping services to meet the needs of homeowners and businesses throughout the area.

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