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Top Landscaping Projects For New Homeowners In Springfield, IL

Landscaping Projects for New Homeowners

If you recently purchased a home in Springfield, Illinois, landscaping may be one of your top priorities. But new home landscaping can be overwhelming, especially for first-time homeowners. The good news is, there are plenty of simple landscaping projects you can complete to make your home your own.

Neaten the Yard Up

It’s amazing how much simply cleaning up the lawn and flower beds can improve your home’s exterior appearance. Take time to cut the grass and trim around the edges to make your yard look tidy. If you have weeds growing, you might want to treat the lawn with a weed killer — you can do the same with your flower beds.

You should also trim back any trees and bushes in your yard so they appear neat. It’s also a good idea to thoroughly clean your walkways and porch.

Flower Bed Troy IllinoisConsider Hardscaping for Low Maintenance

Hardscaping is simply the addition of hard elements in your yard. This may be rocks, stepping stones, and bricks, or it could be walkways and concrete patios. Regardless, the more hardscaping you do, the less upkeep you have.

Consider adding a concrete patio in your backyard to entertain guests. You can line the patio with flower beds surrounded by bricks, and if you want to keep things super low maintenance, you can fill the flower beds with small bushes surround by small rocks.

You can also create a landscaping design for your yard that adds a bit of depth by adding small retaining walls that house flower beds at a higher level. This is ideal if you have pets because it’s less likely they’ll ruin what you plant. You can use your high flower beds to plant your favorite flowers or you can create a small vegetable garden.

Create a Focal Point

Gazebo Troy Illinois

If you want to enjoy the view of your yard from indoors all year long, you should create a focal point. This could be as simple as adding a birdbath to your flower bed or building a gazebo complete with a swing.

If you want to add some color to your yard, consider adding artwork to your yard create a focal point. You might choose to display handmade yard ornaments or even a bottle tree.

Ultimately, creating the perfect yard takes time. You want to enhance the beauty of the outdoors while keeping things low maintenance and adding a touch of your personality. Start small and work your way up to designing the perfect yard for your family.

Get started by giving Monarch Landscaping & Garden Center a call for more information, and a free estimate on your next landscaping project.

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