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Person standing in front of a digital residential irrigation system while holding a screen that controls the water supply in Springfield, IL.

Benefits of Digital Landscaping Technology in 2021

It is no secret that modern technology is always changing and improving the systems of industries across the world, and the landscaping industry is no exception. Landscaping is a large part of our culture, with virtually every homeowner in the Springfield, IL area dreaming of a beautifully manicured lawn with vibrant flowers and even a voluptuous garden. Thankfully, advancements in technology have made this even more possible with devices such as robotic lawnmowers and landscaping software. To hear about some of the benefits that digital landscaping technology brings to 2021, keep reading below!

Monitoring & Control

One of the major benefits of modern digital landscaping technology is the ability to monitor and control everything from fertilizer distribution and water intake to measuring the nutrients present in the soil with a simple device or program. Routine soil tests have never been easier, making the potential treatment of plants and flowers much easier to detect and store than ever before. At Monarch Landscaping & Garden Center in Springfield, IL, we take pride in using the most modern devices for all of our flower and plant care services before you choose to restore your residential or commercial property.

Black and orange robotic lawn mower in residential homeowners lawn cutting grass and being controlled digitally in Springfield, IL.Robotic Mowers

Have you ever looked at the size of your property in Springfield, IL, and sighed with dread at how long it will take you to mow your lawn? We know the feeling! Believe it or not, with advancements in digital landscaping technology, there now are a plethora of robotic lawnmowers on the market for both residential and commercial use. No longer will you need to stand or sit behind your lawnmower for potentially hours at a time, automatic lawnmowers are equipped with sensors and programmed to cut your lawn at a much faster rate than a manual lawnmower. Not only are these machines more efficient and accurate than human mowing, but they require little to no maintenance and gives you the free time you deserve to spend it on more important tasks!

Subsurface Irrigation Technology

Keeping your plants properly watered is one of the most important tasks to keeping your property looking healthy. Over 20 years ago, the common way of ensuring your plants and trees were watered was by taking a long hose connected to a water spout in your garage or the outside of your home and manually watering them multiple times a week. Now, with advancements in landscaping technology, subsurface irrigation systems are much more efficient and accurate when it comes to keeping your landscaping healthy and hydrated. At Monarch Landscaping & Garden Center in Springfield, IL, we offer a variety of digital subsurface irrigation systems for both residential and commercial customers.

Woman in a green sweater and white pants holding an iPad device and drawing a digital landscape design on a landscaping software in Springfield, IL.Landscaping Design Software

Last but not least, landscaping digital software is a major benefit to technological advancements for professional landscaping companies in the Springfield, IL area. In the past, landscaping designers had to create detailed blueprints by hand with specific measurements of a client’s property to accurately landscape. Now, with advancements in technology, computer designs, and drafting software are the top choice for landscaping experts when creating a detailed display of a project. Digital landscaping designs are now interactive and can be scaled in 3D models and videos to show a customer exactly what their property is going to look like down to the leaf. This technology not only reduces the time and cost of a job but allows clients to see exactly what they are going to be getting before the job even begins.

At Monarch Landscaping & Garden Center, we can help with all your landscaping and design needs, call us today at (217) 679-4501 for advice on keeping your trees healthy this winter season.

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