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Yellow natural stone retaining wall in front of a residential home in Springfield, IL with green and orange flowers surrounding the brick.

Benefits of Retaining Walls for Your Home

If you are considering making landscaping improvements to your front or backyard in the Springfield, IL area, our experts at Monarch Landscaping & Garden Center are here to suggest a retaining wall as a perfect solution. Retaining walls have a variety of benefits that many homeowners overlook when thinking of a better way to improve the look and functionality of their property. To learn more about the benefits of retaining walls and how they can increase the value and look of your property, keep reading below!

Helps with Potential Flooding

One of the main purposes of a retaining wall is to help prevent your property from potential flooding in the spring and winter months. In the Midwest and especially in the Springfield, IL area, it is not uncommon for heavy rains to flood yards and even basements if there is no proper irrigation to help. Retaining walls protect your home and property from becoming damaged due to excess water levels rising on your property. Let Monarch Landscaping & Garden Center help protect your home with a custom retaining wall installation service today! We offer FREE estimates on our landscaping and landscape design services.

Beautiful residential backyard retaining wall with flowers and trees planted around the grey stones and soil in Springfield, IL.Creates A Beautiful Statement Piece for Your Backyard

While retaining walls serve an important purpose in protecting your home and land, they also create a beautiful statement piece in your front or backyard. At Monarch Landscaping & Garden Center, we offer a variety of materials, colors, and patterns for your retaining walls so that you can choose the perfect design to compliment your home. Whether you’re wanting a traditional look with concrete and brick blocks, or you’re wanting a more unique style with wood or boulders, our shop has it all! Visit our team in Springfield, IL today for quality customer service & materials to perfectly fit your landscaping aesthetic.

Secludes Your Property

If you love the location of your home but wish that your property had a bit more privacy, retaining walls are the perfect solution for your property in Springfield, IL. Retaining walls are a reliable solid structure that not only keeps strangers and pests out of your yard but also allows you to feel secluded without having to live far away from the amenities of town. Be sure to check and see what kind of permit your city requires for installing a retaining wall before making your final decisions. Call Monarch Landscaping & Garden Center today for quality landscaping and design services at our shop in central Illinois.

Small brick slab retaining wall in the backyard of a home in Springfield, IL preventing soil erosion and flooding.Slows Down Soil Erosion

Due to the ever-changing weather that comes with living in the Midwest, common weather occurrences including strong winds, heavy rains, and feet of melting snow can cause an excess amount of soil erosion. Not only can eroded soil leave your yard looking messy, but it can be dangerous for the structures surrounding it, weakening the foundation they are built upon. Invest in a retaining wall from Monarch Landscaping & Garden Center in Springfield, IL to keep your yard’s soil from erosion, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results.

Give us a call at (217) 679-4501 for affordable and efficient retaining wall services today and receive a FREE estimate!

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