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Everything You Need to Know about Retaining Walls in Carlinville, IL

Carlinville, IL Retaining Wall FAQs

Hardscaping, such as adding retaining walls to your yard, is an important part of your landscape design. But if you’re like other Carlinville, IL homeowners, you might not realize just how important retaining walls are to your overall plan.

How Long Do Retaining Walls Last?

landscaping retaining wall in Carlinville IL

Permanent wall structures, like retaining walls, typically last between 50 and 100 years. Of course, this does depend on the conditions of the soil and groundwater on your property and the materials used to build the wall. For example, a retaining wall built from stone or brick will last a lot longer than one built from wood. Typically, pressure-treated wood retaining walls last around 20 years if they are well maintained.

Do You Need a Building Permit For a Small Retaining Wall?

It’s important to check with your city to see if you need a building permit before building a retaining wall — even a small one. However, in general, retaining walls that are less the three feet tall, don’t require you to get a building permit. If you’re unsure of how to proceed, you should discuss the matter with your Carlinville, IL landscaper.

Retaining Walls Are Multifunctional

Retaining walls are used to hold back soil and prevent landslides. But they often function as more than that. Adding a retaining wall to your yard can help you create an attractive appearance or increase the space in your yard.

Retaining walls are also a good option for pet owners as they can help you create space in your yard that’s off limits to your pets. This is ideal for people who enjoy tending to flower beds or want to plant small vegetable gardens. Additionally, retaining walls let you get a little creative with your landscape design. Traditionally, retaining walls are straight, but that’s not the only way they can be set up. Consider using your retaining wall to add some curvature and texture to your landscape design.

You Can Build a Retaining Wall With Manufactured Blocks and Stones

brick retaining wall in Carlinville IL

You don’t need to gather a ton of bricks, stones, or blocks to build a retaining wall for your yard. Retaining walls can be built using manufactured blocks and stones. In fact, it’s often easier to do so. In addition to eliminating the need to gather materials, manufactured blocks and stones give you a more consistent look and they reduce the amount of guesswork needed to ensure your retaining wall is level.

The truth is, retaining walls serve several different purposes and they are a good option for practically every home. If you want a neat, streamlined landscape design, talk to your landscaper about a retaining wall.

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