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Pet-Friendly Landscaping Tips For Springfield, IL Homeowners

Pet-Friendly Landscaping Tips for a Safe and Beautiful Springfield, IL Area Home!

If you’re like other homeowners in Springfield, IL, your home’s landscaping is important. It’s only natural to want your home to look nice, and a prestige landscaping design drastically improves the appearance of your home’s exterior. But what do you do if you have pets? Check out these pet-friendly landscaping tips.

Create a Border to Separate Off-Limit Areas

pet-friendly landscaping and garden borders in Springfield IL

While most of your yard probably needs to be really pet-friendly. It’s okay to have sections of the yard that are off-limits to your pets. For example, if you enjoy walking through gardens, you might consider creating a pet-free garden area filled with your favorite flowers. To keep your furry friends out of your flower or vegetable garden, create a border that separates the area from the pet-friendly play area. You can do this by using large pieces of driftwood or a row of large rocks. Remember though, if your pet likes to jump, you don’t want your divider to be too low.

Provide a Water Source

If your pet is going to be outside for long periods of time, consider adding a water feature to your landscape design. This could be as simple as installing a fountain. Or you may opt to install a small pond. The type of water feature you choose doesn’t matter, but you should be sure to keep it filled with fresh, clean water.

Plant Pet-Friendly Flowers

Did you know that some plants and flowers are toxic to animals? For example, daffodils are extremely poisonous to dogs, especially the bulb. Eating any part of this beautiful yellow flower can cause your dog to have abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, or convulsions. The same goes for tulips and other plants that grow from bulbs buried in the ground. Generally, it’s probably a better idea to bring fresh-cut flowers into your home than to plant them in the yard. Also, you should avoid planting any flowers or bushes with thorns or spikes.

Create Running Paths

running paths for pet-friendly landscaping in Springfield IL

Animals need exercise, and what better way to encourage it than to include running paths in your backyard landscape design? Consider creating a running area that goes the length of a fence or runs the entire border of your yard. Dogs tend to run in the same areas, which wears down the grass, so you might as well choose the spot and make it into a running path.

Ultimately, when you’re trying to create a pet-friendly landscape design you just need to keep your pet’s needs in mind. You should do your best to have a nice play area, possible with shelter, and fill it with pet-friendly plants and mulch.

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